The Scope of Economics is very wide and it is most  important subject in the present time of globalization.

The continuous growth in the subject matter of economics had led to divergent views about the scope of economics.

The true scope of economics includes –

  • The subject matter of economics
  • Economics as a Science
  • Economics as a positive science
  • Economics a Normative science

According Economist there are many job scope in subject Economics they are- 

  1. Indian economics services (IES)
  2.  Indian statistical services (ISS)
  3. Central statistical Organization (CSO)
  4. National sample survey Organization (NSSO)
  5. Indian statistical Institute
  6. Reserve Bank of India
  7. Non government statistical Organization.
  8. District statistical officer (D.S.O.)
  9.  Directorate of economics and statistics (D.E.S.)
  10.  State statistical Bureau
  11.   Department of economics and statistics
  12.   Commercial Banks
  13.   Statistical officers of University
  14.  Planning commission
  15. Welfare officers etc…