The English Department of Aklank Girls PG College is as old as the college itself, and functioning from its inception in 1998. The department has been handling English Language and English literature classes for the courses offered by college.

The department teaches general English B.A./B.Com. First Year level and English Literature at B.A. I, II, III year level as per the prescribed syllabi of University of Kota, Kota In General English the students are being taught the comprehension skills, reading, writing and listening skills and grammar skills. The main thrust of the syllabus is on communication and personality development through activity based skills testing their creative abilities.

Indian Voices : A course in literature and English Language is the prescribed text book for the students of B.A./B.Com I year. Besides the reading, writing section, each text of the book provides grammatical consciousness – raising activities and writing tasks which will make them proficient in writing letters, CVs, reports and EMails.

The college follows the syllabi of University of Kota in Eng. Literature which familiarize students to Elizabethan literature, Neo-classical Literature, The romantic poets and Anthos, the victorian poets and novelists and Modern poets and anthors. It provides them a through and sound knowledge of the literature of all these ages in the four genres i.e. poetry, drama, prose and fiction remedial classes are also conducted for the students who are weak in English language.